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May 4th, 2006

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During the last week I have been researching pirate history, especially in the middle east and Europe, but also in the Golden Age of piracy in the Atlantic. I have even gone to the depth of figuring out what do navigational aids do, and how do they work. The purpose of this most enlightening research was to prepare an hour of entertainment for my colleagues.

I got dressed as captain John (Bartholomew) Roberts, all made up including a mustache. I memorized and translated pirate language terms. I took notes of facts and sentences said by Roberts, in order to give the character credibility. I waited while everyone ate, till they were good and ready for some mind activity.

Then I realized I brought all the required aids for the show/charade, but left the main bag, which includes the questions, answers, hints to distribute (for the quest to find the treasure) and the puzzles on the kitchen table.

After a couple of minutes of despair, I asked Muli to go home and get it. This was supposed to take about 30-40 minutes. He set out immediately. I started acting and explaining the code of captain Roberts out of memory. I divided them into the "starboard" group and the "port" group. Then I continued with the Yes/No myth-breaking questions, pouring history all over.

35 minutes passed. To my surprise, I remembered almost everything, even some of the open questions and their answers.

Muli was supposed to be back every minute, with the saving plastic bag. And I was at the end of my memory. For the next phase, I would require the puzzle pieces.

And then I looked around me. At the beginning, there were 20-30 people in the game, and several parents were still in the food area with the young ones. Now, only about 3 people were on the "port" side, about 5 on the "starboard" side. Everyone else has silently left the game to join nip at the cakes.

I gave up and let the rest of them go. A couple of minutes later Muli showed up, with the material I left at home. People were already leaving.

I would not say he came too late, but rather that it was a rotten idea to begin with. This social gathering should have had no contents but food and drink, since obviously this is what people are after.

And to those of you with friends with some more patience, who are inclined to learn about real pirates and the difference between them and the romantic image we have to day - http://ladypine.org/pirates/
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