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June 3rd, 2006

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Just got back from Hadar and Nadav Har'El's MESIBAT. If we (and in particular they) were Christen, they would have thrown a baby shower, before the baby was born. But as it is, they were pretty fast to throw the party (for around 200 people) within 6 weeks of her birth.

The party was lovely. Gili's grandparents' yard was coverd with Helium filled balloons in purple and pink. The balloons were printed especially for the occasion, with Gilli's name on them. Dan noticed, however, that although the (Culmus) font which used Nadav to create the invitations was also used to create the directing signs, the baloons were printed using a different font. I never would have noticed. Most people did not notice.

The neighbours brought the deserts, and there was home made food along with a catering which did baked and fried food on the spot. the whole settlement was filled with the smell.

The afternoon was lovely, although the day was hot. The grass was green, the flowers were colorful, and there were thrilled people all over, excited about the new addition to the family.

This is the kind of party I like.

The only thing amiss was that Muli was not there.
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