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June 10th, 2006

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Let's wonder why it is called a "Coffee Table Book". Of course, it could be because you put it on display on the coffee table, so that guests can browse it, like at the private doctor's waiting room. But it could also be because it is so heavy and big, that it could fit as the upper board of the coffee table itself. Or because it is printed on chromium paper, so that coffee can be wiped off it.

But mainly, a Coffee Table book is usually something I did not buy, but get as a prize or gift, from someone who probably thought that משרד הביטחון publishers are as good as any other, and they are probably cheap at large quantities, and it is very respectable to give something they made, so why don't we order the prizes from them this year as well?

So, for 15 years on average, I have been moving from flat to flat and never reading nor browsing, some fine chromium paper, such as:

אדריכלות מונומנטאלית בירושלים
קו האופק ירושלים - דובי טל מוני הרמתי
חני זיו יואב גלבר - בני קשת
לא על מגש של כסף - יהודה ואלך
מן היומן - מיומנו של בן גוריון
לגעת באור

And yet again, another flat move is seen on the horizon.
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Can only drinking bottles be recycled In Israel? Not necessarily.

As I understand it, the recycling of a plastic product depends on the kind of plastic used. those are divided into 6 groups, indicated on each plastic product (for years now, long before recycling was possible in Israel) inside the recycling mark, which is shaped like a triangle. The group of drinking bottles is 1. Luckily, the group of syrup bottles and even some soap bottles is the same group. Sadly, the group of many opaque bottles is different.

The funny/annoying thing is that since recycling large plastic bottle is not done against a deposit, it is possible to place those extra plastic bottles in the containers, found in the street. But glass bottles, which are recycled against a deposit, no matter which size, are impossible to add to. Glass is glass, no groups here, but since the store is only obligated to accept and pay for drinking bottles, it is impossible to use their pipes in order to pass other glass for recycling, even without getting paid for it.
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