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October 1st, 2006

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Due to a panic attack on Thursday night, we went to the store and asked them to deliver the furniture on Sunday. Although the reply I got was "ba'da ba'da" ("after after", or "beyond beyond", in Arabic, which referred to Tuesday), Somehow while I was shopping Muli managed to make the delivery date on Sunday, like we wanted.

So we got the furniture at noon (after rushing home to be here at 10:00, since they were supposed to come between 10:00 and 13:00), but it seems that it was not the exact model we ordered. It seems like the two models are indeed identical, as the shop owner claims, and yet when we tried inserting part B into A and then following it with parts C,D,E, and F according to the picture (ring a bell? Chinese products?), we found that the pictures were either scaled according to a different scale each, or belonged to another model (the name on the instructions differed from the name on the box). Anyway, we were left with several double parts in our hands, lacking parts B and D altogether. I got a feeling the nice man from the store is going to get a pile of parts on Tuesday, and be asked to play Lego for us.
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