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October 26th, 2006

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Yesterday I went outside alone for the first time since Yael was born, and drove to the mall. I bought her some winter clothes. Blue, light blue and purple. I got so sick of pink. I managed to buy her one clothing article sized 6-12M, when I thought I was getting a 3-6M. This will fit her great for the April-October term next year...

So far, we are working her sounds according to experience and elimination, as follows:
*Sticking fingers in mouth and screeching - hungry
*Naked and crying - agoraphobia or production problem (work her legs and dress her)
*Getting fed and bursting in crying - frustration. Problem with catching the too full tit, or uncomfortable due to a full diaper, or needing a burp, or problem producing (eliminate them one by one - squeeze tit, change diaper, burp, work legs).

For the past two nights, we got a new problem joining the mess of the cry bursts: she might be having trouble going to sleep. She pulls at her hair in frustration, or at anything else close by (it hurts). She gets more frustrated by it. She is not hungry anymore, so anything that comes in comes out quite immediately. And she cannot be lulled to sleep. This usually ends when she suddenly falls asleep, after I do something which I have already done 30 times before, with no success. I hope this has to do with the two-week-old growth jump, and that this is ot a permanent thing.

The say the first month is horrible due to lack of sleep. I was so afraid of lack of sleep in the first months. I kept thinking about how cranky I was during military courses, when I did not get enough sleep. It would have been horrible to get back to those awful days. But so far, it is not like this at all. I was so afraid, that my fear was far worse than the truth. It is true that I hardly have free time, I eat over the sink and barely got time to wash, but sleeping is easy - all I have to do is fall asleep when she does. And since I am on maternity leave, I can complete the missing sleep time during the day. The real nightmare will be when I get back to work, and a white night cannot be compensated for during the day.
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