Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda (ladypine) wrote,
Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda

Need Help Debugging?

From: "[%from_name%]" <"[%from_email%]"@granada.merseine.nu>
To: "[%to%]"@granada.merseine.nu

Do you need help debugging your automated spam machine? Cause it looks like your script is broken. Or is this just your way to tell me:"Let's cut the red tape, this is spam, you know this spam, we know you know this is spam, so we wish to tell you that we know you know this is spam, by not bothering to insert American names in your mail header which your automatic spam detector will detect anyway.

Or was this because they simply harvested spam@granada.merseine.nu, which I gave some sites I did not trust, and the word spam causes a bug in their scripts?

Anyway, is this not nicer this way?
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