Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda (ladypine) wrote,
Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda

2/3, 3/4

As a friend of Muli said, there are 4 big things in life, and we are doing 3 of them at once.

So far, we managed to get married (right before the war started), and buy a garden flat. We moved in a week ago, and now, after endless hours put in by friends, family hired help, we managed to have it painetd, cleaned and in some state of order.

The painters were a real pleasure. They were fair, and charged more only for things that really took more effort on their behalf. They worked clean, were polite and reliable. And they did good work. The kind of work I would have done on my own house. If anybody is looking for a good שיפוצניק - Miro is your guy.

At this point, Muli and I agreed that this was a "correctional experience", after the bad experience I once had with air conditioning workers and with construction workers who fixed one thing and trashed the rest of the house - it was so bad I got tired of them trying to correct them mess they did, because every time it got worse.

The cleaning/polish guys on the other hand were horrible. It started with the big guy shoving shards of glass from the path into the lawn. I asked him not to do that, and explained that I will want to walk this lawn later, that it is a part of the house. When we got back I discovered the same glass shards shoved on the other side of the path. The scraps of blue-yellow paint, which were left near the door were scattered all over the grass, as well as other rubbish that was on the paved area.

I tried explaining the manager, who was just finishing up the polish, that placing the dirt inside the grass made it harder for me to collect than had they left it in place. He claimed they were doing the outside as "a favor". I moved in the house, and saw that nobody touched the light switches, and that the floor panels looked just as we left them. The windows were dirtier than we left them. I wondered, were light switches and panels not a part of the deal, because I specifically remembered us telling them that this renovation was pretty clean, but the previous one left marks on the panels. He claimed that the panels were dirty from the previous renovation, so he does not clean that.

On it went, him insulting me and my mother, yelling at us, threatening us to bring his workers to place rubbish in the house. I said, "we seem not to manage to communicate, I am calling my husband". He replied, "Indeed it is impossible to communicate with you". "Your husband is a better person than you", he said.

Muli came, yelled back at him that such cleaning quality is lower than army grade cleaning, and we deducted 600 shekels off the payment, since this is what it would cost to bring our maid for two whole days to fix the mess.

The problem was we did not have two days. The next day was extermination day, and clenaing had to end before that. We postponed the extermination till 20:00, and slaved (me and the maid) at the place for hours, postponing the non-critical stuff. (critical stuff are window seals, corners and floor panels, which are were the extermination should lie for a long while).

The movers were as professional as Rosenbaum always are. Again, a contrast to two other big companies I hired previously.

And the family helped all around. My mother and sister helped packing, Muli's sisters and grandmother helped unpacking (the clothes are like soldiers in the closet), and my father helped re-constructing the bed and closet, which have gone through a lot of moving these past years, and researched the electric system. Muli;s mother and grandmother took care of food the first days, and Muli's sister's fiancee and Yoni and Sarah Rabkin helped a lot all over.

The magic has occurred. We have a house of our own, with a garden of our own. Lots to be done yet, and still the floor is showing, and most boxes are already out the door. I guess there is never a good time to relax (since we also owe to the bank more than I have ever owed anyone before), but it is still a huge achievement.

Now we need furniture...
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